About Roger

Roger Handeland has over 20 years experience as a musician and artist. He has done numerous concerts and performances at different locations and occasions. Roger was also one of the main singers in Team Hanne who won "Det Store Korslaget" at Norwegian TV2.

Roger has a characteristic and distinctive voice in addition to having a warm and close contact with his audience. Roger perform in many genres like blues, bluegrass, pop, rock, roots, rock’n roll etc. All this makes him a popular and attractive artist in many occasions.

Besides the Christmas album “Juleplata” with 12 cover songs, Roger released the album “The other me” in end of 2010 with 8 of his own songs.
Under ‘Info’ at
Rogers Facebook site you can listen to the album, hope you like it!
Here you can find the text and chords to SonShine as
text file or Chordpro format.

At most of the concerts and performances Roger Handeland will bring a band (small or large) with musicians like: Jon Ørnes, Tormod Apeland, Karl Christian Grønhaug, Ygnve Milje, Jostein Hustveit, Hibbi Mannes, Anne Tove Øvrebø, Ingebjørg Andrea Gismervik.
You will also find Roger together with artists like Bjørn Berge, Hanne Krogh, Heine Totland etc.

At Facebook and Youtube you will find more information, pictures, videos etc.


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